How To Save Money On Your Next Brake Job

Posted on: 29 December 2016

Regular auto brake service can help extend the life of your vehicle and also protect your safety. While brake service can be expensive, there are ways to cut down on the total cost. Here are some ideas on how to save money the next time you're at the brake shop.

Bring Your Own Pads

One thing to look at is bringing your own generic brake pads purchased from a reputable supply store. Or, have your auto repair shop order some generic brake pads for you to do your next brakes service. They work just as well as the expensive, name brand pads but cost a whole lot less.

Replacing Caliper Pins Instead of the Whole Part

Calipers may get worn over the course of the year, but often the entire part does not need to be replaced. The pins that hold the caliper in place may wear down through corrosion before the rest of the part has gone bad. Ask your mechanic whether it's possible to just replace the pins the next time you go into the shop.

Consider Carefully Before Buying Ceramic Pads

You might be offered the chance to upgrade to ceramic pads. In many cases, these don't make a ton of difference in performance. If your goal is to get a reliable and affordable brakes service, then regular pads tend to do the trick.

Don't Get the Wrong Rotors

The quality of your rotors affect the braking power, and buying the right parts could save you from having to repair your brakes very soon after your next service. When you're looking for the right rotors, be sure that you compare the weight to their dollar amount. More metal will help rotors perform better and last longer.

Not Getting the Whole Set of Brakes Serviced

This may seem counterintuitive to do; it's more affordable to just do one brake at a time, right? Not necessarily. If you have one brake serviced well and the others are lagging behind, your performance may actually be much worse and land you in the shop sooner. It is best if all of your brakes are close in their amount of traction so that you don't have any unintended spinout or other consequences. When you find the right brakes repair shop, they will help you consider all of the factors mentioned in this article so that you get an even and affordable repair.

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