Four Helpful Tips For Packing Your Travel Trailer

Posted on: 28 December 2016

Shopping for a travel trailer at your local RV dealer can be an exciting adventure, and your new trailer will help you to take the camping and road trips you've always wanted to take. Once you've selected the travel trailer that meets your needs, you'll need to learn the basics of packing your trailer for your trip. Here are a few helpful hints you can use as you prepare to take your trailer out on the road.

Pack Luggage In The Car

You don't need to fill your trailer with everything you'll be bringing on your trip. It's a good idea to keep luggage in the trunk of your car or in the cargo hold of your truck. This saves space in the trailer and makes the space less cluttered when you go to settle in. Reserve the space in the trailer for items you'll actually need inside, such as kitchen items and bathroom necessities.

Pack Light

You'll want to keep the trailer as light as possible. The heavier the trailer is, the more difficult it will be to tow. Look for lightweight solutions you can use, such as paper plates instead of regular dinnerware. Consider taking a trip to the grocery store to stock the trailer's pantry after you arrive at the RV park or campground, and pack only the items you really think you'll need for the trip. Remember, you'll have a vehicle with you, so you can always purchase items you may not have packed with you.

Baby-Proof The Trailer

Even if you don't have a little one with you on your road trip, baby-proofing materials can come in handy when you pack yourtravel trailer. Cabinet locks can help to keep the doors in your kitchen and bathroom closed while you travel, and child-proof knobs on the stove can prevent falling items from accidentally turning on a stove burner. Use a toilet lock to keep your toilet lid shut while the trailer is on the road, and look for other baby-proofing ideas you can use to keep items secure.

Keep Items Low

Keeping the weight of the trailer low to the ground can help with the ease of towing your vehicle. Avoid placing heavy items on shelves in cabinets until you've reached your destination. You may even want to avoid placing anything in upper cabinets while you travel. Consider using plastic storage toes with lids to keep these items secure and organized, and unpack them on your shelves once you've arrived.

You can also ask your RV dealer for other helpful packing tips to help you master the art of the road trip in your new travel trailer. Be sure to plan ahead, and pack efficiently to get the most out of your trip and your travel trailer.