Tow Truck Service With A Side Of Taxi: How Your Company Can Help Twice As Much

Posted on: 21 December 2016

As a tow truck service owner and operator, you spend most of your winter days pulling vehicles out of ditches and towing damaged vehicles into repair shops. However, if the owners of said vehicles are relatively uninjured and not headed to the nearest hospital, how are they going to meet you at the repair shop? Here is an idea that will help both you and your customers who are in need of towing and a passenger lift.

Having Second Driver and Car Service

For every tow call your drivers answer, ask the driver if he or she needs a lift (or ask the police officer making the call if the driver needs a lift). Then send a second driver with a passenger vehicle behind the tow truck to pick up the stranded driver. The drivers will truly appreciate this service, especially if they are stranded knee-deep in snow. You do not need a commercial license or even a taxi license to do this if you sign up to drive for a freelance car service. Then you can operate your car service business on the side and offer a service that no other tow truck business offers.

Offering Warmth and Safety for Drivers and Their Passengers

In addition to offering a unique service to your customers, you are also offering them warmth and safety for themselves and their passengers. Since it takes a minimum of ten minutes to hook up a broken down car to the tow truck, that is ten minutes too long to stand on the side of the road in bad weather and traffic. Anything could happen to the customer and his/her passengers from being hit by a car to frostbite. The customers should not be forced to wait out in these dangerous conditions. Your car service can keep them safe, warm, and dry and then help them get to their destination.

Driving as an Uber/Lyft Service Alongside Towing

The private/freelance driving services now offered can work to your towing business's advantage. You would already know in advance who will need a ride because you are meeting them at their crashed, dead, or stuck vehicles. If they do not have a friend or family member coming to get them, then these customers need some serious help. You can still stay within the legal boundaries of your towing business by paying drivers to find, pick up, and deliver cold and frustrated customers to their destinations.