• Car Wise: 2 Simple Emergency Fixes When Your Car Is Having Problems

    Car issues can happen anytime, and it may happen when you are no where near your mechanic. The first thing you should have is the number to your towing specialist, just in case the following 2 emergency fixes do not work for you. 1. The Air Filter Emergency Fix The air filter allows air to enter the engine (debris-free) so that foreign debris won't harm your engine. Air is important for the overall performance of your vehicle because it provides the vital air-to-fuel combination that generates horsepower. [Read More]

  • How To Fix Up Your RV For Sale After You Haven't Used It For A While

    So, it's time to fix up your motor home for sale. Make sure that the RV is as clean and up-to-date on its maintenance as possible. Preparing your RV as if for a trip will help impress buyers and may get a better price for the vehicle. These tips will help you get the RV ready to sell. Clean It Inside and Out The outer cleaning of the RV is pretty simple and straight forward: hose it down, scrub it with long handled, soft bristled brushes, soap it up, and rinse it till it gleams. [Read More]