Why Windshields Are Important

Posted on: 16 December 2016

Was your vehicle only left with minimal dents and a few chips in the windshield after a collision? If you were able to drive away from the collision and don't want to make any repairs too soon, it may not be the best idea. You must understand that the chips in your windshield can cause more problems than you might think if they are left unrepaired. Even if you want to hold off on getting the dents repaired, you should consider the windshield an emergency repair because it is needed for safety reasons. Take a look at this article to learn some important information in regards to chipped windshields.

The Roof Relies On the Windshield for Stability

The most important aspect about a windshield is that it provides more stability for the roof. However, there isn't as much stability when the windshield has chips in it. You want a good windshield because it can make it more difficult for the roof to cave-in on you if a rollover accident occurs. Leaving the chips in the glass will only make it easier for shattering to take place, which can lead to the roof quickly being crushed in a rollover collision.

Chips Can Easily Turn into Spider Web Cracks

The bad thing about chips is that they can easily become large cracks. Your windshield will then be even less appealing and unable to keep you safe inside of the vehicle. Even the smallest of chips can develop spider web cracks, which are basically numerous thin cracks that stem from the chipped area. All it will take is for a small rock to hit the windshield for the spider web cracks to develop. It will then be easier for you to be ejected in the event that your vehicle is hit from behind.

Airbags Won't Have a Stable Surface to Hit When Deploying

The purpose of airbags is to keep you inside of the vehicle, which might not be possible without a stable windshield. It is important for the airbags to hit a solid surface as they are being deployed. The reason why is because it makes them firmer. If the windshield was to shatter from the small chips being present, the airbags will be flatter and softer. You can then easily be sent flying right past the airbags and out of the vehicle, which can lead to more serious injuries than if the windshield would not have shattered.

For more information and assistance with repair, contact a professional windshield replacement company.