Unclog The Vents And Covers That Are Part Of Your Vehicle's Air Conditioning Unit

Posted on: 22 November 2016

If you would like to sell your car and have noticed that the air conditioner's vents are clogged with debris, complete the following steps. Once you have cleaned the dislodged dirt and cleaned each vent cover, air will be emitted through the vents in an even manner and you may be more likely to locate a buyer for your vehicle. 


  • drop cloth
  • tube brush
  • soapy water
  • spray bottle
  • awl
  • metal file
  • shop vacuum cleaner
  • rust dissolving agent
  • foam cleaning pad
  • sandpaper
  • hand sander
  • sponge with abrasive surface
  • lint-free cloths

​Dislodge Dirt And Suck Up Loose Debris

Drape a drop cloth over the vehicle's seats and console. Clean the air conditioner's vents and covers while your vehicle is not running. If the vent covers to the air conditioning system are removable, carefully pull each one out of its holder. Spray some soapy water onto a tube brush. Use the brush to clean each vent's opening. Try to insert the brush far into each vent's opening in order to dislodge dirt.

If the vent covers are not removable, use a thin tool, such as an awl or metal file, to assist with loosening dirt that is trapped between each louver on the vent covers. Use a shop vacuum cleaner's hose to collect loose debris once you have finished.

Clean Each Vent's Cover

If the vent covers are made out of metal and rust is on each one's surface, apply a liberal amount of a rust dissolving agent onto a foam cleaning pad. Wipe the pad over corroded areas to help loosen them. A piece of sandpaper that is attached to a hand sander can also be used to eliminate rust.

Soapy water that has been applied to a sponge with an abrasive surface can be used to clean any other dirty spots on each cover. Once each cover is clean, a clean cloth that has been dampened solely with water can be used to remove small particles that remain on the surface of each cover. The covers can be dried off with a lint-free cloth afterwards. If the covers were removed prior to cleaning them, line them up over each vent opening and push them back into place.

Test The Air Conditioning Unit

Remove the tarp that is covering your car's interior. Start your vehicle's engine and turn on the air conditioning unit. Adjust the thermostat and place one of your hands in front of each vent cover to ensure that cool air is flowing evenly through each of them. 

If you continue to have problems or feel you cannot do this on your own, contact a professional auto air conditioning repairs company.