Fixing A Leaking Automatic Transmission Hardly Takes Any Time At All

Posted on: 10 December 2014

If you have noticed a red liquid on the pavement after you move your car, you most likely have a gasket leak in your automatic transmission. With the right supplies, you can easily fix a small gasket leak on your own. 

Get Your Supplies Together

In order to fix a small automatic transmission gasket leak, you will need to purchase transmission stop-leak additive. You can purchase this at your local auto parts or auto supply store. If you do not have any transmission fluid, you should purchase some of that as well; you may need it. 

Locate The Transmission Fluid Fill Tube

Once you have the transmission stop-leak additive, open up the hood of your vehicle. You will need to locate the transmission fluid fill tube. This is generally where the transmission fluid dipstick is at. 

If you are not sure where it is at even after looking, open up your car manual. It should have a diagram that shows you where your transmission fluid fill tube is located. 

Open Up Your Transmission Fluid Fill Tube

Once you locate your transmission fluid fill line, remove the cover and the dipstick. Then take the bottle of transmission stop leak additive and add it to your transmission fluid. It generally works best if you are able to add the whole bottle to your transmission fluid reservoir. Take care to not overfill it though; stop when you reach the fill line. If even after adding the stop-leak additive, your transmission fluid is below the fill line, you will need to add in some transmission fluid. 

Close It Up And Monitor Your Fluid

Put the cover and the dipstick back. It generally takes about 250 miles for the additive to kick in and seal the leak. Be sure to check your transmission fluid levels two or three times over the next 1,000 or so miles to see if the additive stopped the leak. This generally works best with small leaks. 

Another Quick Fix

If you just have to drive your vehicle and have some transmission fluid on hand, you can also just refill your transmission fluid. This is a quick fix that will allow your vehicle to have enough transmission fluid to run without damaging your vehicle. When you have time, you can stop into your local auto store and buy the transmission stop-leak additive you need to actually fix the leak.

If This Doesn't Work...

If the transmission stop-leak additive does not work, and you are noticing a large amount of red droplets on the pavement, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. This method works best on small gasket leaks. If you have a large gasket leak, you need to schedule an appointment with a professional transmission repair shop such as Goodeal Life Time Transmissions.